Recommended Place to Spend Holiday near Pan Pacific Singapore

Pan Pacific Singapore

Pan Pacific Singapore is a strategic hotel that has the best location. Many tourists from all over the world come there to stay and spend their holiday. They have many reasons why they choose this hotel. If you want to go to many places, here are some great recommendations. 

Marina Bay Sands Casino

Entertainment is necessary for many people. If you are on a business trip, maybe you need some entertainment. So, you can go to Marina Bay Sands Casino to play some games. It is only 1.04 kilometers away from the hotel. You can drive there quickly or take public transportation. 

Singapore National Stadium

Sport is also entertaining for some people. Do you like sports too? If you do, you can go to Singapore National Stadium to see the large area of sports competitions. The place is only 2.28 kilometers away from Pan Pacific Singapore

So, you can go there by car, motorcycle, or public transportation. Many people in Singapore like to take a walk. If you have spare time, you can try the MRT and taka walk a little to reach there. Not only huge, but it is also clean and recommended for photography. 

Lucky Plaza

Many people like to buy Singapore souvenirs like Merlion keychains and crystal balls. There are so many souvenirs that you can purchase and bring to your country if you are a foreigner. You can buy it at Lucy Plaza. It is a gift and souvenir shop that will give many various products. 

You can go there by many kinds of transportation mode. It is only 3.04 kilometers from Pan Pacific. So, at the end of your holiday, you can buy a lot of stuff at an affordable price. You can bring some cash to buy small things. But, for bigger souvenirs, you can buy them cashless, to make it safer. 

Universal Studio Singapore

One of the best places to have fun in Singapore is Universal Studio. It is a place that will bring visitors to many film settings. The atmosphere is very good and the crew is friendly. You can see Egypt settings, action background, and also many things else. 

Marina Square, Colony, and MRT Station

There is also a place that closer to the hotel called Marina Square. This place is only 82 meters away from the hotel. Not far from there, you can see Colony that is about 246 meters away. 

If you want to go to someplace by MRT, you can go to Promenade MRT Station. It is only 269 meters away from the hotel. The price of shuttle MRT as public transportation in Singapore is affordable, so you can make sure that you can reach back to Pan Pacific Singapore safely. 

Indeed, Singapore is one of the best countries that have so many traveling destinations. You can search for Singapore hotel deals in this hotel to get a good price. The facilities and services are also good for all tourists.